The list of projects

  1. Comedy blog
  2. Therapy blog
  3. Recording music
  4. Minecraft
  5. Writing jokes – Mastodon (
  6. Learning a curriculum I made up
  7. Ideas blog
  8. Traveling to every place on my travel blog over the course of my lifetime
  9. Researching this wikipedia list of psychotherapies for scientific evidence and making a research project about it
  10. Hiking greatest of list of best trails in Washington state on
  11. Watching greatest TV shows of all time list
  12. Watching greatest movies of all time list
  13. Watching the greatest documentaries of all time list
  14. Cooking the entire Better Homes & Gardens New Cookbook 16th Edition
  15. Pokemon
  16. Gardening
  17. Writing a book on psychotherapies
  18. Writing a book on accounting
  19. Meal planning
  20. Taking video
  21. Editing video
  22. Writing scripts
  23. Designing a fashion website
  24. Making my own clothes

Minecraft projects

Here’s the interior of my banquet hall:


Here’s my banquet hall I got the idea thinking about a quilt:


Rainbow stained glass window:


I call this side of the hall, “The Elton John.”


Rainbow again:



Here is my chateau by the beach:

Chateau Front



Grill and garden. How could we make do without that?

Chateau Grill and Garden

Couch and fireplace. Where’s my hot cocoa?

Couch and Fireplace

What home would be complete without a gaudy fountain?


White grand piano:

Grand Piano

Grand staircase:

Grand Staircase

Anybody need a shower?


The open kitchen for entertaining guests:


The hedge maze:


Wildflower meadow:

Wildflower Meadow


Here is my fortress. It was a blast to make:


Fortified Wall

This is the view from the wall. Can you believe it?

View From Fortified Wall

The on top of the fortified wall:

Fortified Wall Upstairs

Inside the fortified wall:

Inside Fortified Wall

Fortified wall up close:

Fortified Wall Upclose

Here’s a tower too:

Tower Up

Tower Down



My first ever house. The beach house:

Beach House

Be sure to keep all your animals together in one pen.

Pen of Animals



Suspension bridge (well, it’s also a tunnel in 2 places. It’s a Sunnel):

Suspension Bridge Underneath

Suspension bridge with checkerboard pattern. Anyone want to play chess?

Suspension Bridge

This piggie and chicken friend are trapped in my tunnel somehow:

Piggie and Chicken Friend