Minecraft Builds

The front of the remote outpost.

Front of Remote Outpost


The redstone playground.

Redstone Playground


The back of the remote outpost.

Remote Outpost Back


The view from the top of the remote outpost. It’s in the clouds! Wowie.

View From Top of Remote Outpost


Here’s the staircase to the top of the remote outpost tower.

Staircase To The Top


The inside of the remote outpost.

Inside of Remote Outpost


Ice skating rink.

Ice Skating Rink


Guys, I made a floating island. Here is the view from the top.

Overall View


Bottom of the floating island.

Bottom of Floating Island


The poppy stained glass banquet hall from the top of the crazy stairs.

Banquet Hall from Top of Stairs


View from the bottom of the stairs of the F.I. (floating island).

Floating Island from the Bottom



Ok so I made another banquet hall.

Banquet Hall


This side is mostly made of glass. It’s a stained glass poppy. I was going to put the stem but I didn’t make the hall big enough.

Outside Poppy


To the left is my fortress tower, in the middle is the traditional royal hall, and on the right is the banquet hall with the stained glass poppy.

Traditional and Weird


This is the loft. It’s just a loft.

Checkerboard Loft


These are some alternating netherbrick and quartz stairs. Which was terrifying to get.

Alternating Stairs


And this is the stained glass poppy from the interior.

Stained Glass Poppy


Here’s the interior of my second banquet hall:


Here’s my banquet hall I got the idea thinking about a quilt:


Rainbow stained glass window:


I call this side of the hall, “The Elton John.”


Rainbow again:




Here is my chateau by the beach:

Chateau Front



Grill and garden. How could we make do without that?

Chateau Grill and Garden

Couch and fireplace. Where’s my hot cocoa?

Couch and Fireplace

What home would be complete without a gaudy fountain?


White grand piano:

Grand Piano

Grand staircase:

Grand Staircase

Anybody need a shower?


The open kitchen for entertaining guests:


The hedge maze:


Wildflower meadow:

Wildflower Meadow


Here is my fortress. It was a blast to make:


Fortified Wall

This is the view from the wall. Can you believe it?

View From Fortified Wall

The on top of the fortified wall:

Fortified Wall Upstairs

Inside the fortified wall:

Inside Fortified Wall

Fortified wall up close:

Fortified Wall Upclose

Here’s a tower too:

Tower Up

Tower Down



My first ever house. The beach house:

Beach House

Be sure to keep all your animals together in one pen.

Pen of Animals



Suspension bridge (well, it’s also a tunnel in 2 places. It’s a Sunnel):

Suspension Bridge Underneath

Suspension bridge with checkerboard pattern. Anyone want to play chess?

Suspension Bridge

This piggie and chicken friend are trapped in my tunnel somehow:

Piggie and Chicken Friend

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