What to bring to boss fights

So you’re finally stocked up and ready to fight some Minecraft bosses. But what to bring to prevent dying?

In the following post, I’ll explain the inventory you will need to defeat the following bosses: The Ender Dragon, The End, an Ocean Monument, The Wither, and a Woodland Mansion.


The first box is for what to bring to defeat the Ender Dragon:



The cobblestone is important for pillaring up to destroy the end crystals that the dragon uses to heal its health bar.

Slow falling potions are great for when the dragon knocks you into the air and reduces fall damage. Potions of regeneration will make your hearts regenerate faster. Strength potions are always good for inflicting more damage to endermen and the dragon. Empty bottles are for collecting dragon’s breath.

Lastly, you can use the carved pumpkin head and iron blocks to create powerful iron golems to deal with any endermen problems.


  • sword
  • bow
  • arrow
  • helmet
  • chestplate
  • legging
  • boots
  • pickaxe
  • enchanted apple
  • golden apple
  • steak
  • slow falling 4:00 x3
  • regeneration 1:30 x3
  • strength 8:00 x2
  • cobblestone x2
  • ender pearl
  • ender chest
  • glass bottle
  • torch
  • iron block
  • totem of undying


In our magenta box, we have everything you need to bust End Cities:


To get shulker shells, which make shulker boxes for extra storage, and the coveted elytra, the following will be very helpful.

Potions of slow falling are helpful for when shulkers hit you and cause you to levitate, and you drop to the ground. Potions of strength deal more damage to mobs.

Throwing ender pearls is another way to reach the ground relatively safely.

Elytra means you’ll be able to go long distances easily in The End, while you’re searching for end cities. Lastly, bring two books: unbreaking III and mending, if you have them, to apply on the anvil to your elytra so they don’t break mid-air.


  • sword
  • bow
  • arrow
  • helmet
  • chestplate
  • leggings
  • boots
  • pickaxe
  • axe
  • golden apple
  • enchanted golden apple
  • steak
  • slow falling 4:00 x3
  • strength 8:00 x2
  • cobblestone x2
  • ender chest
  • ender pearl
  • crafting table
  • anvil
  • elytra
  • unbreaking III book
  • mending book
  • totem of undying


Next, we have our inventory to defeat an Ocean Monument:


In an Ocean Monument, slime blocks come in handy for blocking off areas you’ve already been to, so you don’t get lost, and they are easy to break because they aren’t effected be mining fatigue, which is what guardians give you to make it so it takes forever to mine blocks.

When you arrive at the monument, use TNT to blow up the top of the monument, and jump in and defeat the elder guardians. This way, if you get hit with mining fatigue, it doesn’t matter. If you place gravel on top of the TNT before lighting it, the gravity-affected block will displace the water inside the TNT entity, allowing it to blow a hole in the monument.

You will need potions of night vision for seeing in the dark ocean, water breathing so you don’t have to worry about drowning, and strength for an offense boost.

Milk is good for when you want to stop mining fatigue.

Sponges are helpful for emptying the water from a room.

Building a conduit structure, if you have it, out of prismarine and conduits stops the breath meter from decreasing, gives underwater night vision and increases underwater mining speed. Conduit power also damages any hostile mobs, like drowned and guardians, within a range of 8 blocks of the conduit.

Ladders are helpful for if you drain water and need a way to get up or down.


  • sword
  • helmet
  • chestplate
  • leggings
  • boots
  • shovel
  • axe
  • trident
  • steak
  • slime block
  • TNT
  • flint and steel
  • water breathing 8:00 x2
  • night vision 8:00 x2
  • strength 8:00 x2
  • milk x2
  • golden apple
  • enchanted apple
  • gravel
  • sponge
  • conduit
  • prismarine
  • ladder


In the brown box is everything you need to kill The Wither:


The Wither can be dealt more damage with arrows of healing, which have the opposite effect of healing, on The Wither.

Elytra helps with running away in case The Wither gets out. Building The Wither underground near bedrock could prevent this.

Potions of instant health II help if you get withered and lose hearts fast. Potions of regeneration make your hearts heal faster. And a potion of strength will deal more damage to The Wither.

Milk cancels out the effect of getting the wither effect, which poisons you.


  • sword
  • bow
  • arrows of healing
  • helmet
  • chestplate
  • leggings
  • boots
  • pickaxe
  • elytra
  • firework rocket
  • enchanted golden apple
  • golden apple
  • steak
  • instant health II x3
  • potion of regeneration 1:30 x3
  • strength 8:00
  • obsidian
  • ender chest
  • ender pearl
  • milk x2
  • shield
  • totem of undying


Our last box is for possibly the hardest mobs in the game, which are located in a Woodland Mansion. 


In a Woodland Mansion, it’s helpful to use elytra and just fly away if things get too hairy. Potions of instant health II, regeneration, and strength will give you a defense and offense boost. And of course, your Woodland Mansion map is a necessity, as they are a rare structure in the game.


  • sword
  • crossbow
  • arrow
  • helmet
  • chestplate
  • leggings
  • boots
  • pickaxe
  • axe
  • elytra
  • firework rocket
  • golden apple
  • enchanted golden apple
  • steak
  • instant health II x2
  • regeneration 1:30 x2
  • strength 8:00
  • shield
  • cobblestone
  • ender chest
  • ender pearl
  • torches
  • bed
  • compass
  • woodland explorer map


So that’s it. That’s everything you could possibly need to kill the big 5 bosses of Minecraft. To find out what else to put in your inventory for other situations or projects, you can find my post on that here:

How to organize your inventory

How to organize your inventory

What should you put in your inventory, including ender chest and shulker boxes? This tutorial will explain how to organize for any Minecraft occasion!


The first box we’ll peek into is: Potions


  • nether wart
  • glass bottles
  • regeneration 1:30 x3
  • fire resistance 8:00 x4
  • night vision 8:00 x4
  • strength II 1:30 x3
  • water breathing 8:00 x4
  • slow falling 4:00 x4
  • instant health x3


The next 3 boxes are for commonly used Redstone items:


Let’s look into the Redstone I box:


  • glass
  • dispenser
  • dropper
  • observer
  • furnace
  • powered rail
  • rail
  • activator rail
  • detector rail
  • wither rose
  • torches
  • birch fence
  • cactus
  • snow block
  • chest
  • TNT
  • ladder
  • cobweb
  • lever
  • stone pressure plate
  • piston
  • sticky piston
  • pumpkin
  • soul sand
  • glowstone
  • trapdoor
  • dark oak gate


Redstone II box:



  • hopper
  • anvil
  • tripwire hook
  • redstone block
  • iron trapdoor
  • sea lantern
  • packed ice
  • magma block
  • slime block
  • bone block
  • conduit
  • dead horn coral fan
  • turtle egg
  • obsidian
  • minecart
  • bucket
  • water bucket
  • sign
  • string
  • flint and steel
  • composter
  • redstone repeater
  • redstone comparator
  • acacia door
  • iron trapdoor
  • scaffolding
  • lectern


Redstone III includes plenty of extra space for items related to your specific redstone project, just in case you need, say, a lot of glass or more pistons than is already in the box:



  • shears
  • honey block
  • bed


The next 3 boxes of inventory are for Trading:


The following items are commonly used for trading with villagers. Let’s see what’s in Trading I:


  • coal block
  • iron block
  • raw chicken
  • raw rabbit
  • raw porkchop
  • raw beef
  • raw mutton
  • dried kelp block
  • sweet berries
  • paper
  • glass pane
  • compass
  • rotten flesh
  • gold ingot
  • rabbit’s foot
  • scute
  • glass bottle
  • nether wart
  • hay bale
  • potato
  • carrots
  • beetroot
  • pumpkin
  • melon
  • string
  • raw cod
  • salmon


Trading II inventory:



  • sticks
  • flint
  • feather
  • tripwire hook
  • arrows
  • leather
  • rabbit hide
  • book
  • ink sac
  • book and quill
  • clay
  • stone
  • granite
  • diorite
  • white wool
  • brown wool
  • black wool
  • gray wool
  • lectern
  • composter
  • grindstone
  • blast furnace
  • smoker
  • fletching table
  • cartography table
  • brewing stand
  • smithing table


Trading III inventory includes extra space for the emeralds and trading items you will get in return:



  • cauldron
  • barrel
  • loom
  • stonecutter
  • emerald blocks
  • bed x4


Next, in just one box we include all the items for Enchanting, with extra space for the items you currently plan on enchanting, as well as enchanted books, tools, and/or armor:


Enchanting inventory:


  • books
  • bookshelves
  • enchantment table
  • anvil
  • lapis block
  • fishing pole
  • enchanted book/tool/armor


Mining inventory takes up 2 boxes. Let’s look in the first one:


I like to include some basics for my mining inventory. For one, you can make more torches from coal blocks and logs than just coal and sticks. For blocks I can place and clearly see I placed, I use chiseled stone bricks. Sand is a good gravity block for when you’re pillaring down from a high place.

Lastly, keeping an open inventory of ores means you can use your silk touch pickaxe to mine for ores and place them safely in your ender chest or shulker boxes for breaking up later with your fortune pickaxe.

Mining I inventory:


  • coal block
  • oak log
  • water buckets x2
  • steak
  • chest
  • ladders
  • birch sign
  • chiseled stone brick
  • sand
  • acacia doors
  • furnaces
  • bed x2
  • crafting table
  • coal ore
  • iron ore
  • lapis ore
  • gold ore
  • emerald ore
  • diamond ore
  • redstone ore
  • nether quartz ore
  • iron ingot
  • lapis block
  • lapis lazuli
  • gold ingot


Mining II box:


Mining II includes lots of extra space for loot you might pick up from mobs or treasure chests if you’re lucky enough to find a dungeon:


  • emerald
  • diamond
  • redstone block
  • nether quartz


In just one box, we have enough room for all our Exploration needs:


Exploration I inventory:


  • compass
  • bed x2
  • boat x2
  • coal block
  • birch log
  • birch fence
  • dark oak gate
  • ladders
  • chest
  • ender pearls
  • flint and steel
  • sand
  • crafting table
  • birch sign
  • obsidian
  • jack o lantern
  • empty map
  • home map
  • ocean explorer map
  • woodland explorer map
  • lead
  • firework rocket x4


In our first cyan inventory box, we have all our Combat I supplies:


Combat I inventory:


  • sword x2
  • bow x2
  • silk touch pickaxe x2
  • enchanted golden apple
  • golden apple
  • dirt x2
  • shovel x2
  • bed x2
  • axe x2
  • compass
  • clock
  • helmet x2
  • chestplate x2
  • leggings x2
  • boots x2
  • elytra


In our second cyan inventory box, we have all our Combat II supplies:


Combat II inventory:


  • fortune pickaxe x2
  • ender chest
  • diamond
  • coal block
  • oak log
  • steak
  • firework rocket x2
  • milk x2
  • shield x2
  • shulker shell
  • book
  • totem of undying
  • trident
  • crossbow


Lastly, we have our Construction supplies. This category has the most boxes (4) but includes commonly used items instead of all the possible blocks, as that would fill far more than 4 inventory boxes. Let’s check out the first box:


Construction I inventory:


  • andesite
  • grass block
  • dirt
  • cobblestone
  • sand
  • gravel
  • birch log
  • dark oak log
  • sponge
  • glass
  • pumpkin
  • ladder
  • furnace
  • crafting table
  • chest
  • bookshelf
  • coal block
  • gray wool
  • orange wool
  • magenta wool
  • light blue wool
  • yellow wool
  • lime wool
  • pink wool
  • cyan wool
  • white wool
  • purple wool


Construction II box:


Construction II inventory:


  • black wool
  • blue wool
  • brown wool
  • green wool
  • red wool
  • light gray wool
  • cobblestone stairs
  • glowstone
  • acacia trapdoor
  • jack o lantern
  • stone brick
  • cracked stone brick
  • chiseled stone brick
  • glass pane
  • vines
  • dark oak gate
  • nether brick
  • ender chest
  • beacon
  • packed ice
  • sea lantern
  • red nether brick
  • lantern
  • item frame
  • red concrete
  • pink concrete
  • orange concrete


Construction III box:



Construction III inventory:


  • yellow concrete
  • lime concrete
  • green concrete
  • cyan concrete
  • blue concrete
  • light blue concrete
  • magenta concrete
  • purple concrete
  • brown concrete
  • black concrete
  • gray concrete
  • light gray concrete
  • white concrete
  • pink dye
  • red dye
  • orange dye
  • yellow dye
  • lime dye
  • green dye
  • cyan dye
  • blue dye
  • light blue dye
  • magenta dye
  • purple dye
  • brown dye
  • black dye
  • gray dye


Construction IV box:


Construction IV inventory, including lots of extra space for the building needs of the specific project you’re working on:


  • light gray dye
  • white dye


At the end of all your hard work organizing, if you have gone to The End and gotten shulker boxes, this is what your ender chest could look like:


Your ender chest can include 3 extra storage spaces (the light purple boxes), and 2 ender chest slots for when you don’t feel like organizing, or need quickly need a place to throw your main inventory.

The last 5 boxes are for boss fights. You can find out what’s in those boxes here:

What to bring to boss fights



Have fun organizing!

The list of projects

  1. Comedy writing blog
  2. The efficacy of different therapeutic orientations blog
  3. Writing jokes mostly – Mastodon (https://freedom.horse/@ElfLord)
  4. Recording music
  5. Traveling to every place on my travel blog over the course of my lifetime
  6. Reviewing recipes from various cookbooks
  7. Minecraft
  8. Learning a curriculum I made up
  9. Misc ideas blog
  10. Hiking greatest of list of best trails in Washington state on Alltrails.com
  11. Watching greatest TV shows of all time list
  12. Watching greatest movies of all time list
  13. Watching the greatest documentaries of all time list

I Cook and Review Recipes from Cookbooks

Baked fish.


Yeah right.

This was actually a breaded salmon recipe but the only free photos were of raw fish.

It was a… strange process. This recipe involves these things: eggs, a little milk, crushed Italian-style croutons, Italian seasonings and then lemon wedges and horseradish sauce for toppings.

First, you mix your wet ingredients in a bowl. Eggs, milk, and… well that’s it.

Next, you crush up your croutons with a pastry cutter. Which I have been using A LOT. I used it for crushing butter into flour for biscuits and smashing Fritos. There’s something very satisfying about crushing.

Third, take your crouton crumbs, Italian seasonings, and… well that’s it.

Then this is the weirdest part: you dip the salmon into the egg and milk mixture, and then press the breading into the egg coated salmon. How weird is that?

Then I baked it.

4.5 out of 5 stars. Because I don’t really like fish that much.



Applesauce bars.


It’s a cake.

Look, I don’t like being played for a fool. These, “applesauce bars” are not bars at all. This is a fucking cake.

5 out of 5 stars.



Freeze-your-own herbed vegetable blend.


Now that’s what I’m talking about.

This recipe? 4.5 out of 5 stars. Pretty good, right? Well it’s kind of hard to fuck up putting something in the freezer.

But I did.

The recipe involved a lot of prep. I was cutting vegetables and blanching them. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the cooking term, “cutting,” it’s when you take a knife and with a loose wrist, chop at the vegetable until it’s cut into tiny pieces but not so tiny it’s liquid.

After prepping and blanching the vegetables, I made butter. I mean, I didn’t churn it in one of those wooden buckets with a mop, but I melted a stick of butter or two, (throwing off the lawyers once again, heh heh) and then I added a bunch of herbs and spices to it. I made mine Italian-style. With Italian herbs.

I boiled corn for this.

Then I took the butter and put it in a freezer bag. A small one. And then I put that bag in the freezer for a while. Maybe an hour?

After the butter got more solid and the vegetables were done blanching, I cut the butter into little pats and put them in an even BIGGER freezer bag. I mixed up the pats of butter and the vegetables and then shoved the bags into the freezer.

The only problem is that later when I used these frozen vegetables to eat with some dinner meat, it tasted like there was no salt in anything! So I had to add salt. Not the end of the world, though. People in the world are living in extreme poverty, I can handle adding a little salt to my dinner.



Angel food cake.


This is what an angel food cake is supposed to look like.

4 out of 5 stars.

One thing about this recipe is that it tasted very good. Another thing about this recipe is I waited too long to make the icing and the cake went stale.

This cake involved taking powdered sugar and mixing it with something and I just killed it with my electric mixer. Also powdered sugar went flying everywhere all over the kitchen because I don’t know what I’m doing. It smelled so good though. The final result.

This recipe has only a few ingredients. You probably have them in your house. I can’t say what they are because I might get sued.


Eggplant parmigiana.


I actually did take this picture. It turned out kinda cool, right?

4.5 OUT OF 5 STARS! This almost turned out perfect except for a few snags along the way:

  1. I undercooked the eggplant a little.
  2. The top was browned but the eggplant was not completely cooked in the middle.

But goddamn if it didn’t taste good anyway. The taste makes up for the fact that I ruined it.

Next time I would lower the temperature from 400 degrees to something else. Maybe 350 degrees? 375? I don’t know. I’ll keep trying. I’ll never give up on this. Not now. Not ever.


Bean and beef enchilada casserole.


Beautiful lighting.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars.

This one was pretty good, guys. This recipe had a normal amount of ingredients for an enchilada casserole. And it was pretty easy to make too. Just gently, carefully, and lovingly place the enchiladas in the pan. Then dump that enchilada sauce on top with a lot of cheese.

That’s it. I’ve never been to Mexico but I imagine I’d be pulling a fast one on my host family if I whipped up this sucker for them. They’d be like, “Is this… is this authentic Mexican food?” And I’d be like, “Nope! Just a casserole! Just a bastardization of enchiladas!” Then we’d laugh about it and keep saying, “Come on, you old dog! Pass more enchilada casserole over here!”


Bacon and blue cheese biscuits.


Don’t put honey on a bacon and blue cheese biscuit. Please. For my family.

This is your basic biscuit recipe but with a twist. Can you guess the twist? It’s adding bacon and blue cheese. That’s the surprise.

All-purpose flour, baking powder, sugar, salt, cream of tartar, butter and milk. But there’s more: bacon. and. blue cheese.

How did it turn out? 1.5 out of 5 stars.

I like the concept. But the application? It tasted like eating a piece of wood. It was dry, dusty, kind of hard, and a beaver was watching me the whole time.

I think the biscuits turned out dry because I followed the directions, which had a range to put them in the oven of 10 minutes to 14 minutes. What the f is with ranges on a recipe? I just want to know how long to cook it for. Don’t make me guess. I am using a recipe. If I wanted to use my cooking intuition, I wouldn’t be using a recipe. Don’t make me think, BH&G!!!

I just touched the biscuits and they weren’t browned like the directions said and I thought they might still be dough-y so I left them in the oven for the full 14 minutes. Amateur chef mistake!

Overall, I would try this recipe again. Maybe if I put them in the oven for only 10 minutes they would have turned out better. Also though, I don’t really like biscuits.


Caramel apples.


What a disaster but also so good! 4 out of 5 stars. My problem with this recipe: I was bad at it.

Apples, sticks (the grocery store kind, don’t make the same mistake I did), caramels (unwrapped, don’t make the same mistake I did), and whipping cream. And nuts, if you like them like me.

You take the caramels and dump them in the saucepan. Then you put some of the whipping cream in there. Stir it around a lot for a long time over a medium or medium low heat if you have a stove like mine that sucks.

When it’s nice and liquid-y enough, you take your apple, shove a stick up its core, and dip the apple into the caramel sauce.

One little problem though. I couldn’t figure out how to get caramel on the whole thing so I was just kind dipping the apple in there and getting half of it covered and then using the spatula to spoon the caramel over the rest of it. It ended up pretty uneven with some of the caramel not even on the apple and some GIANT blobs of caramel on the other side of the apple.

Also the stick fell out so it was basically just me holding an apple and dipping it in boiling hot caramel trying not to get it on my fingers but I got it on my fingers and it burned me.

It was ok though because I knew it was going to taste like magic. I had chopped some deluxe mixed nuts as finely chopped as I could (which is not a lot), and I rolled the apple in the nuts. Then I set it on a baking sheet with no wax paper because I was out.

Here’s the best part though!! It tasted like the carnival!!

Next time, I would probably get my friend who was a chocolatier to make them for me. That’s the only thing I would do differently if I were to cook it again.


Egg casserole.


Again, not a picture I took, but still looks like the uncooked egg casserole before I put it in the oven. I plan to take pictures when I cook. I just haven’t yet because I didn’t think of the blog post idea until I had already cooked a few of the BH&G recipes.

2.5 out of 5 stars. It turned out fine. But I probably used way too much french bread. Lucky for you though: I like french bread.

This recipe is simple and nice. 7 ingredients: bread cubes, meat, vegetable, 4-6 oz. shredded cheese, 4 eggs, 1 1/2 cups dairy, and then you got your seasoning. The recipe gives more detail about potential options but I’m afraid of being sued so I just kept it nice and vague for the lawyers who are always trying to sue me over my blog.

I made this with bacon, broccoli, cheddar, milk, and some Italian seasoning as my variation options. And it turned out good. But just good.

I’d make it again. But only begrudgingly. I’d do it for my children. (I don’t have any children).



Black bean-chipotle burgers.


This is also not a picture I took. It’s a stock photo. But it kind of looks like how the “burgers” turned out.

First of all: 1 out of 5 stars. I have several complaints about this recipe but you should also know: it was just ok to eat and taste.

This recipe requires a lot of ingredients so watch out. One of the little problems I had was that even though I followed the directions EXACTLY, the burger patties flew apart when I put them in the pan and it just kind of… turned into a stir fry.

Which is fine. It still tasted ok. But there was another problem.

I got the tostada shells from the store and they were carefully packaged and then I opened the box and the tostada shells were completely crushed into tortilla chip size! Who did this??

So not only were they not burgers, considering they were supposed to be in a tostada shell, but it kind of turned into nachos.

I would probably cook this again though. I like nachos.



Hot chocolate.


Well, I didn’t actually take this picture. It’s a stock photo. But it looks very nice, doesn’t it?

This recipe was pretty short and simple. Just how I like my men.

It calls for 1/3 cup semisweet chocolate pieces, 1/3 cup sugar, 4 cups milk and I added some tiny marshmallows to mine. Makes it feel like fall. Or winter.

The only problem I ran into with this recipe was that it was too hot. But don’t worry, I just waited for it to cool and then I could drink it again.

Overall, I give this recipe 5 stars out of 5 for its simplicity and how good it tastes. It’s way better than hot cocoa mix.

So make some hot chocolate today! Come on. Make some hot chocolate!

Minecraft Builds

The front of the remote outpost.

Front of Remote Outpost


The redstone playground.

Redstone Playground


The back of the remote outpost.

Remote Outpost Back


The view from the top of the remote outpost. It’s in the clouds! Wowie.

View From Top of Remote Outpost


Here’s the staircase to the top of the remote outpost tower.

Staircase To The Top


The inside of the remote outpost.

Inside of Remote Outpost


Ice skating rink.

Ice Skating Rink


Guys, I made a floating island. Here is the view from the top.

Overall View


Bottom of the floating island.

Bottom of Floating Island


The poppy stained glass banquet hall from the top of the crazy stairs.

Banquet Hall from Top of Stairs


View from the bottom of the stairs of the F.I. (floating island).

Floating Island from the Bottom



Ok so I made another banquet hall.

Banquet Hall


This side is mostly made of glass. It’s a stained glass poppy. I was going to put the stem but I didn’t make the hall big enough.

Outside Poppy


To the left is my fortress tower, in the middle is the traditional royal hall, and on the right is the banquet hall with the stained glass poppy.

Traditional and Weird


This is the loft. It’s just a loft.

Checkerboard Loft


These are some alternating netherbrick and quartz stairs. Which was terrifying to get.

Alternating Stairs


And this is the stained glass poppy from the interior.

Stained Glass Poppy


Here’s the interior of my second banquet hall:


Here’s my banquet hall I got the idea thinking about a quilt:


Rainbow stained glass window:


I call this side of the hall, “The Elton John.”


Rainbow again:




Here is my chateau by the beach:

Chateau Front



Grill and garden. How could we make do without that?

Chateau Grill and Garden

Couch and fireplace. Where’s my hot cocoa?

Couch and Fireplace

What home would be complete without a gaudy fountain?


White grand piano:

Grand Piano

Grand staircase:

Grand Staircase

Anybody need a shower?


The open kitchen for entertaining guests:


The hedge maze:


Wildflower meadow:

Wildflower Meadow


Here is my fortress. It was a blast to make:


Fortified Wall

This is the view from the wall. Can you believe it?

View From Fortified Wall

The on top of the fortified wall:

Fortified Wall Upstairs

Inside the fortified wall:

Inside Fortified Wall

Fortified wall up close:

Fortified Wall Upclose

Here’s a tower too:

Tower Up

Tower Down



My first ever house. The beach house:

Beach House

Be sure to keep all your animals together in one pen.

Pen of Animals



Suspension bridge (well, it’s also a tunnel in 2 places. It’s a Sunnel):

Suspension Bridge Underneath

Suspension bridge with checkerboard pattern. Anyone want to play chess?

Suspension Bridge

This piggie and chicken friend are trapped in my tunnel somehow:

Piggie and Chicken Friend