What to bring to boss fights

So you’re finally stocked up and ready to fight some Minecraft bosses, or maybe a new dimension. But what should you bring?

In the following post, I’ll explain the inventory you will need to defeat the following bosses/dimensions: A Nether Fortress, The Ender Dragon, The End, an Ocean Monument, The Wither, and a Woodland Mansion.

The first shulker box is for what to bring to a Nether Fortress:

For all of these adventures, have an extra supply of armor and tools in case you die. The bucket is for picking up lava source blocks that are in the way in a nether fortress. The potions are fire resistance potions. Nether fortresses have loot such as blaze rods and wither skeleton heads, so there’s room for those treasures too.
  • netherite sword
  • bow
  • arrows
  • armor
  • pickaxe
  • shovel
  • axe
  • golden apples
  • cooked porkchop or steak
  • cobblestone
  • torches
  • crafting table
  • chest
  • furnace
  • logs
  • fire resistance potions
  • shield
  • buckets
  • flint and steel
  • obsidian
Now is the time to use your enchanted golden apples. Be sure to have potions of slow falling, regeneration, and strength. The bottles are to collect dragon’s breath. Torches are used to take the dragon egg. Lastly, making iron golems will help fight off endermen for you.
  • netherite sword
  • bow
  • arrows
  • armor
  • pickaxe
  • shovel
  • axe
  • golden apples
  • cooked porkchop or steak
  • slow falling potions
  • regeneration potions
  • strength potions
  • obsidian
  • ender pearls
  • glass bottles
  • torches
  • iron blocks
  • pumpkins
  • enchanted golden apples
  • totems of undying
  • dirt

This inventory is for end city busting, gathering shulker shells to make shulker boxes, and getting elytra. The most useful potions are slow falling, leaping, regeneration, and strength. Use ender pearls to get down when shulkers cause you to levitate too high. Cobblestone is good for pillaring up high in the towers. Lastly, there’s space in the inventory for all the shulker shells you’ll be collecting there.
  • netherite sword
  • bow
  • arrows
  • armor
  • pickaxe
  • shovel
  • axe
  • golden apples
  • cooked porkchop or steak
  • slow falling potions
  • leaping potions
  • regeneration potions
  • strength potions
  • ender pearls
  • cobblestone
  • ender chest
  • crafting table
  • anvil
  • phantom membranes
  • shield
  • unbreaking III book
  • mending book
  • elytra
  • fireworks
  • shulker shells
At an ocean monument, you won’t really need your bow or crossbow because they are slower than your trident underwater. Here, the hoe comes in handy for quickly picking up sponges. Slime blocks are a way to block off passages in the monument and break them down easily even with the mining fatigue you’ll get from guardians. TNT and a gravity block, along with flint and steel, will make it so you can blow up the top of the monument and go straight to defeating the elder guardians that live right below the top.
  • netherite sword
  • trident
  • arrows
  • armor
  • pickaxe
  • shovel
  • axe
  • hoe
  • slime blocks
  • water breathing potion
  • night vision potion
  • strength potion
  • milk
  • golden apples
  • cooked porkchop or steak
  • TNT
  • gravel
  • flint and steel
  • sea lanterns
  • sponges
  • conduit
  • ladders
  • ender chest
  • ocean monument map
Fighting the wither with arrows of instant health II is ideal for killing the wither quickly. Now is the time to bring your enchanted golden apples and totems of undying. The most useful potions are instant health, regeneration, and strength. Ender pearls are good to throw if you need to get away quickly. Milk alleviates all status effects, such as the wither effect. Building iron golems can help too. A shield is good for managing the flying wither skulls that target you.
  • netherite sword
  • bow
  • healing arrows
  • armor
  • pickaxe
  • shovel
  • axe
  • golden apples
  • cooked porkchop or steak
  • instant health potions
  • regeneration potions
  • strength potions
  • obsidian
  • ender pearls
  • ender chest
  • milk
  • iron blocks
  • pumpkins
  • totem of undying
  • nether star
  • shield

A woodland mansion is a good place to bring your crossbow, which I find is better for close combat, like you would find in the woodland mansion. Elytra will probably be needed because woodland mansions can be tens of thousands of blocks away from spawn. Potions to bring are instant health, regeneration, and strength. A shield will come in handy defending yourself against the flying mob known as vexes. Ender pearls are helpful in a bind. You will want to light up the place with torches because woodland mansions are dark. Resetting your spawn with a bed near the woodland mansion is a good safety net in case you die. Lastly, don’t forget your woodland explorer map!
  • netherite sword
  • crossbow
  • arrows
  • armor
  • pickaxe
  • shovel
  • axe
  • elytra
  • firework rockets
  • golden apples
  • cooked porkchop or steak
  • instant health potions
  • regeneration potions
  • strength potions
  • cobblestone
  • ender chest
  • ender pearls
  • torches
  • bed
  • compass
  • woodland explorer map
  • shield
  • obsidian
  • flint and steel
  • swiftness potions
  • enchanted golden apples

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How to organize your inventory

How to organize your inventory

What should you put in your inventory, including ender chest and shulker boxes? This tutorial will explain how to organize for any Minecraft occasion!

The first box we’ll peek into is: Mining shulker box

It’s good to keep your mining shulker box full of space for collecting blocks. Alotting space for the ores you collect is a good idea when organizing shulker boxes. Use kelp blocks as a fuel source because they can smelt 20 items per kelp block, compared to say, 8 items per coal.

  1. iron ore
  2. gold ore
  3. lapis lazuli ore
  4. emerald ore
  5. coal ore
  6. diamond ore
  7. redstone ore
  8. dried kelp block

The next boxes we’ll look at are: Enchanting I & II shulker boxes

The list to the right contains only the enchanted books I actually use, along with inventory space for extra enchanted items.
  • unbreaking III
  • mending
  • silk touch
  • fortune III
  • efficiency V
  • sharpness V
  • looting III
  • power V
  • infinity
  • projectile protection IV
  • respiration III
  • aqua affinity
  • protection IV
  • thorns III
  • fire protection IV
  • feather falling IV
  • blast protection IV
  • depth strider III
  • frost walker II
  • efficiency IV
  • luck of the sea III
  • lure III
  • quick charge III
  • multishot
  • loyalty III
  • impaling V

Construction I, II, and III shulker boxes

You can build just about anything from these blocks.
These are probably my most commonly used blocks when doing construction. (also see Construction II & III)
  • stone
  • granite
  • diorite
  • andesite
  • grass block
  • dirt
  • mycelium
  • crimson nylium
  • warped nylium
  • cobblestone
  • sand
  • red sand
  • gravel
  • oak logs
  • spruce logs
  • birch logs
  • jungle logs
  • acacia logs
  • dark oak logs
  • crimson stem
  • warped stem
  • sponges
  • wet sponges
  • glass
  • white wool
  • orange wool
  • magenta wool

  • light blue wool
  • yellow wool
  • lime wool
  • pink wool
  • gray wool
  • light gray wool
  • cyan wool
  • purple wool
  • blue wool
  • brown wool
  • green wool
  • red wool
  • black wool
  • obsidian
  • purpur blocks
  • pumpkin
  • netherrack
  • soul sand
  • soul soil
  • basalt
  • glowstone
  • melon
  • mycelium
  • end stone
  • terracotta
  • warped wart blocks
  • tube coral block
Use the rest of the space to put duplicate blocks you’d like to have on hand. For example, you might want to make a lot of slabs and use the extra spaces for the slabs.

Decoration I, II, and III shulker boxes

  • brain coral block
  • bubble coral block
  • fire coral block
  • horn coral block
  • blue ice
  • crying obsidian
  • blackstone
  • scaffolding
These are my most commonly used decorations. If I need to dye something and don’t have the dye on hand, I just craft the dye I’m looking for with the flowers in my decoration shulker box.
  • oak sapling
  • spruce sapling
  • birch sapling
  • jungle sapling
  • acacia sapling
  • dark oak sapling
  • oak leaves
  • spruce leaves
  • birch leaves
  • jungle leaves
  • acacia leaves
  • dark oak leaves
  • cobwebs
  • grass
  • ferns
  • large ferns
  • dead bushes
  • sea grass
  • sea pickles
  • dandelion
  • poppies
  • blue orchids
  • alliums
  • azure bluets
  • red tulips
  • orange tulips
  • white tulips

  • pink tulips
  • oxeye daisies
  • cornflowers
  • lilies of the valley
  • wither roses
  • brown mushrooms
  • red mushrooms
  • crimson fungus
  • warped fungus
  • crimson roots
  • warped roots
  • nether sprouts
  • weeping vines
  • twisting vines
  • sugar cane
  • kelp
  • bamboo
  • end rods
  • chorus plant
  • chorus flower
  • cactus
  • brown mushroom block
  • red mushroom block
  • mushroom stem
  • vines
  • lily pads
  • sunflowers
  • lilacs
  • rose bushes
  • peonies
  • tall grass
  • tube coral
  • brain coral
  • bubble coral
  • fire coral
  • horn coral

Brewing shulker box

  • tube coral fan
  • brain coral fan
  • bubble coral fan
  • fire coral fan
  • horn coral fan
  • bell
  • shroomlight
  • bees nest

This shulker box is so sparse because it leaves extra room for the potions you create. The rest of the potion materials are in the misc box, where I place some brewing items.

Food shulker box

  • ghast tears
  • rabbit’s foot
  • dragon’s breath
  • phantom membrane

This is just about all the food you’ll need, some of which you could also trade to villagers
  • apples
  • raw porkchop
  • enchanted golden apples
  • raw cod
  • raw salmon
  • tropical fish
  • pufferfish
  • raw beef
  • raw chicken
  • rotten flesh

Misc I & II shulker boxes

  • spider eye
  • carrots
  • potatoes
  • poison potatoes
  • raw rabbit
  • raw mutton
  • beetroot
  • sweet berries
  • honey bottles

  • totem of undying
  • trident
  • name tags
  • bones
  • turtle eggs
  • scutes
  • coal
  • diamond
  • netherite scrap

  • string
  • feathers
  • gunpowder
  • wheat seeds
  • wheat
  • flint
  • snowballs
  • leather
  • clay ball
  • slimeballs
  • eggs
  • ink sacs
  • cocoa beans
  • pumpkin seeds
  • melon seeds
  • ender pearls
  • blaze rods
  • golden nuggets
  • bottles o’ enchanting
  • nether stars
  • nether quartz
  • prismarine shard
  • prismarine crystals
  • rabbit hide
  • iron horse armor
  • golden horse armor

Nether shulker box

  • diamond horse armor
  • leather horse armor
  • chorus fruit
  • beetroot seeds
  • shulker shells
  • iron nuggets
  • records
  • nautilus shells
  • heart of the sea
  • banner patterns
  • honeycomb
  • saddles
  • elytra
  • end crystal
  • bell

I really don’t need a lot when I collect things from the nether. I mostly find myself needing inventory space, so I included lots of it in this shulker box.

  • nether gold ore
  • nether quartz ore
  • ancient debris
  • nether wart

This is what your ender chest will look like with all those shulker boxes, plus the ones in my boss fights/dimensions tutorial guide

If you’re curious as to what to bring to boss fights and different dimensions, check out my other post:

What to Bring to Boss Fights

Minecraft Builds

Modern house made of spruce, cobblestone and black stained glass mostly.

House I built underneath a little hill. Along with some lamp posts and my hopper composter.

Oak starter house.

Storage in four directions underground: North, East, South, and West. That way you don’t have to run around from one level to another trying to gather resources.

Dirt starter house

Stone and stripped dark oak mansion, with a car in the carport, and a horse in the front yard.

The front of the remote outpost.

Front of Remote Outpost

The redstone playground.

Redstone Playground

The back of the remote outpost.

Remote Outpost Back

The view from the top of the remote outpost. It’s in the clouds! Wowie.

View From Top of Remote Outpost

Here’s the staircase to the top of the remote outpost tower.

Staircase To The Top

The inside of the remote outpost.

Inside of Remote Outpost

Ice skating rink.

Ice Skating Rink

Guys, I made a floating island. Here is the view from the top.

Overall View

Bottom of the floating island.

Bottom of Floating Island

The poppy stained glass banquet hall from the top of the crazy stairs.

Banquet Hall from Top of Stairs

View from the bottom of the stairs of the F.I. (floating island).

Floating Island from the Bottom

Ok so I made another banquet hall.

Banquet Hall

This side is mostly made of glass. It’s a stained glass poppy. I was going to put the stem but I didn’t make the hall big enough.

Outside Poppy

To the left is my fortress tower, in the middle is the traditional royal hall, and on the right is the banquet hall with the stained glass poppy.

Traditional and Weird

This is the loft. It’s just a loft.

Checkerboard Loft

These are some alternating netherbrick and quartz stairs. Which was terrifying to get.

Alternating Stairs

And this is the stained glass poppy from the interior.

Stained Glass Poppy

Here’s the interior of my second banquet hall:


Here’s my banquet hall I got the idea thinking about a quilt:


Rainbow stained glass window:


I call this side of the hall, “The Elton John.”


Rainbow again:


Here is my chateau by the beach:

Chateau Front



Grill and garden. How could we make do without that?

Chateau Grill and Garden

Couch and fireplace. Where’s my hot cocoa?

Couch and Fireplace

What home would be complete without a gaudy fountain?


White grand piano:

Grand Piano

Grand staircase:

Grand Staircase

Anybody need a shower?


The open kitchen for entertaining guests:


The hedge maze:


Wildflower meadow:

Wildflower Meadow

Here is my fortress. It was a blast to make:

Fortified Wall

This is the view from the wall. Can you believe it?

View From Fortified Wall

The on top of the fortified wall:

Fortified Wall Upstairs

Inside the fortified wall:

Inside Fortified Wall

Fortified wall up close:

Fortified Wall Upclose

Here’s a tower too:

Tower Up
Tower Down

My first ever house. The beach house:

Beach House

Be sure to keep all your animals together in one pen.

Pen of Animals

Suspension bridge (well, it’s also a tunnel in 2 places. It’s a Sunnel):

Suspension Bridge Underneath

Suspension bridge with checkerboard pattern. Anyone want to play chess?

Suspension Bridge

This piggie and chicken friend are trapped in my tunnel somehow:

Piggie and Chicken Friend